El Rodat Restaurant


In El Rodat Hotel we offer among the best gastronomy in the autonomous region of Valencia.

The perfect combination of tradition and innovation make our creation an experience for each and every one of the senses, playing with textures and handling; taking it to a new extreme.

Our level of demand leads us to constantly look for new creations, offering a game that makes the experience one of the most innovative and traditional in the area. For this we have different tasting menus, as well as a wide selection of products from the region in our menu.
In addition, our winery always provides an adequate selection that results in an unforgettable marriage.

Tasting Menus

  • 6 Snacks
  • 5 Dishes
  • 1 Dessert
85€ per person· VAT included
Liquid harmony 50€ per person· VAT included
  • 8 Snacks
  • 9 Dishes
  • 2 Desserts
140€ per person· VAT included
Liquid harmony 70€ per person· VAT included