Relaxation and well-being


Immerse yourself into the bubble bath, enjoy the benefits of thermal water or choose one of therapeutic treatments at your disposal.

Our Wellness Spa has a wide range of treatments: massages from different countries and traditions, Ayurvedic therapies, body experiences, Spa rituals, as well as facial and body treatments of the prestigious Natura Bissé cosmetic firm. The Thermal Spa circuit converts this wellness room into an area of total relaxation.

Contact us if you want more information, by phone (+34)639 256 792 or Our team will provide you various suggestions.

We are at your disposal from Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 14 hours, and from 16 to 21 hours. Sundays from 10 to 14 hours.

The minimum age to access the Spa is 14 years.


Relaxing Aromatic

Restore the harmony and well-being of your body, thanks to the properties of essential oils and the benefits of relaxing massage. Complete, or located on the back or legs (55 o 25 min)
65 – 40 €

Decontracting Energetic

Improves blood circulation and promotes muscle recovery, through the combination of stretching, with deep and energetic pressures. Complete, or located on the back or legs (55 o 25 min.)
75 – 50 €

Rodat Samun Prai

A pampering wellness experience, that combines three massage techniques, with the application of hot lavender-pindas. Relieves joint discomfort, improves the quality of sleep, and induces a deep state of relaxation (85 min)
85 €

Thai massage with essential oil

Through sedative steps of long and deep movements, made with essential oil, this millenary discipline eliminates tension and balances body and mind (70min)
75 €

Geothermal with hot and cold stones

With gentle massage maneuvers, it combines hot and cold stones on the energetic points of the body, favoring circulation and the elimination of toxins. Complete or localized (70 o 40 min.)
75 – 50 €

Lomi Lomi

Ancient Hawaiian ritual that eliminates body tension and benefits the lymphatic circulation, through gentle and deep massage maneuvers performed with the forearms (55 min)
70 €


Natura Bissé is known worldwide for having a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients in its formulas, and that shows on the skin

The Cure

Meticulous facial cleansing that begins with an enzymatic detoxification using heat and botanical freshness, and ends with a hydration by means of a soothing and revitalizing mask (70 min)
70 €

C + C Vitamin

This exclusive facial ritual combines the richest products in Mediterranean citrus, and the most exclusive remodelling massage techniques, to give you a radiant face (55 min)
70 €


Powerful restorative treatment that improves skin congestion, dilated capillaries and redness, thanks to its physiotherapeutic extracts that soften the skin and calm the face (55 min)
70 €

Essential Shock

Exclusive repairing treatment of the cutaneous structure from the most basic level, the cells. Natural amino acids of collagen, isoflavones and antioxidant vitamins (A + B + C) act on the deeper layers of the skin to rejuvenate and nourish it (70 min)
85 €

Inhibit Face Lift

This advanced professional cosmetic lift minimizes wrinkles without the need for microinjections. Thanks to its powerful filling effect, it corrects the signs of aging and wrinkles of expression, discovering an extraordinarily firm and hydrated skin (70 min)
105 €


(Include exfoliation, wrapping and hydration massage)


With marine mud wrap and Dead Sea salts (55min)
75 €


With Aloe Vera wrap (55min)
75 €


With chocolate-therapy wrap (55min)
75 €


With seaweed wrap (55min)
75 €

Anti-cellulite and firming wrap

85 €


Exotic pleasures

Facial treatment, body scrub peeling with volcanic lava, and body relaxing massage with lavender-flower bolus (70 min)
85 €

Ancient Arab Ritual

Purification in steam baths, exfoliation with black soap, ghassoul wrap and massage with argan oil (115 min.)
105 €


Valid for 4 months

Voucher for 5 sessions (valid from Monday to Friday)

75 €

Voucher for 10 sessions (valid from Monday to Friday)

135 €


Our Ayurvedic therapies activate the body, eliminate toxins and restore the physical and nervous energy of body and mind

Shiro Abhyangam

Head massage focused on the marmas points of Ayurvedic medicine. Releases the tension caused by stress, and balances nerve conduction (25min)
40 €


Ayurvedic oil massage on the whole body, performed synchronized by two therapists, 4 hands. Nourishes and moisturizes, ideal for dry skin, fatigue, and sleep problems (55min)
110 €


Relaxing foot massage that stimulates reflexology points. Ideal for blood circulation problems, varicose veins, tiredness, stiffness and dry feet. (30min)
40 €


Massage with continuous flow of warm Ayurvedic oil on the forehead. It is a good relaxant of the nervous system, promotes digestion, and reactivates the body’s defenses. (50min)
85 €


Citrus C+C

Exfoliation, mask and hydration, body and facial, with products rich in Mediterranean citrus (70 min)
89 €

Diamond Damascus Rose

Body and facial scrub and body and facial massage with Natura Bissé products from Damascus Rose (85 min)
129 €



Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils, regulates skin pH and has energizing properties. Ideal to prepare the skin for holidays or to improve your natural protection against free radicals (55 min)
85 €


Highly antioxidant and nutritious. It helps eliminate toxins and improves cellular respiration. Prevents dry skin and has anti-inflammatory properties (55 min)
85 €


Recommended for those who seek a true feeling of relaxation. Its pleasant lavender aroma helps fight stress and induce relaxation (55 min)
85 €


Relieve your back

Relaxing and decontracting massage for your back. Relaxes and relieves the stresses generated by pregnancy (25 min)
40 €

Light legs treatment

Exfoliation, specific wrapping for pregnant women and massage to relieve the heaviness of the legs (55 min)
65 €

Relieve back and legs

Relaxing massage in back and legs. Relaxes and relieves the stresses generated by pregnancy (55 min)
65 €


Lymphatic drainage

Complete, or located on legs (55 o 40 min)
65 – 45 €

Anti-cellulite massage

(55 min)
70 €

Slim Pack

A complete anticellulite treatment in 6 sessions
Session 1: Exfoliation to prepare the skin and anti-cellulite massage.
Session 2: Depurative wrapping and draining massage.
Session 3: Complete anti-cellulite massage
Session 4: Firming wrap of reducing mud and anti-cellulite massage.
Session 5: Complete anti-cellulite massage
Session 6: Seaweed wrapping and anti-cellulite massage
390 €


Include treatment pool, heated pool, Japanese path, bi-thermal contrast showers, steam bath, Finnish sauna, relaxation room, terrace and tea tasting

Classic Thermal Circuit

(90 min)
25 €

Hammam special Thermal Circuit

(95 min)
30 €

Thermal Circuit + Shiatsu massage

(110 min)
39 €